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The Grand Canyon Epic

Well it was epic for us anyway. My dad, at 78 climbed the canyon with me (45) and my brother (49?) and my nephew 13. Down the Kaibab Trail,  camping overnight at the campsite near the Phantom Ranch, back up the south Bright Angel Trail. 18 or so miles of stomping over rough (though not the roughest) terrain. Everyone made it fine in the end. though there were worries at times. The Trailhead. L-R Dad, Eddie, Me and Benjamin.

The trailhead at the Kaibab

The Campsite. Eddie and Dad.

The Campsite

Only took one of me at trail's end. Should have thought that out.

Tom AfterIMG_0286

Feeling it here. Great trip, but have your game face on, it's rough.
Shooting, Remington

Long Time No Post!

I've been discovering the "Manosphere" and reading and learning a great deal there. Mostly that I'm not a lone nut. I have lots of company.

Here are some Links

Captain Capitalism: Economics, the decline of the US, and the state of men in the US.

Stares at the World: More on the implosion of sexual relations and the role of men.

Zero Hedge: Straight up international economic news

The Spearhead: More men's lib

The honest Courtesan: A blog about a little of everything written by a proud former sex worker. Frequently focuses on dehumanization of prostitutes and the harm done by "do-gooders"

Dalrock: Men's lib, game, the Church, and more. One of my favorite posts is Feminist Dream/ Feminist Nightmare
Shooting, Remington


Rain rain DON'T go away. We need it bad. It was turning to steam almost as it hit the concrete at first it seemed, and it fogs my glasses getting out of the car but at least it's carrying off the heat.
Shooting, Remington

I really wanna do this.

The new fangled zombie 3 gun match.

Looks like a winner. Also Looks like:
150 rounds handgun ammo (40 smith for me)
175 rounds of buckshot (20 ga for me)
210 Rounds rifle ammo  (.223 for me)

Got the .223, need to stockpile some .40 banger ammo, and 20 ga buck.

Also the Curmudgeon's talking about pig hunting in Texas this summer, and that might be fun as well.
Shooting, Remington

Yeah Dad

I was drunk when you called, And I'm already embarrassed by it. Seems I can quit for about 5 days at a stretch, then the need takes over. gonna take some work yet.

Good News, Workouts are going well and I've gained heart and lung endurance. Did a 15 mile bike ride yesterday. Dropping Coke ( the cola not the drug) are going well plus or minus the Rum habit. Enjoy the trip.

Love Thomas
Shooting, Remington

Doo Doo Doo Lookin' Out My Back Door!

I didn't realize until this morning how close the tornadoes came yesterday afternoon. This was My morning walk. Dates on the photos will all be wrong, at some point my camera battery died and reset, you'll have to trust that this was today.

Lindsey and 24th west.

Another View

Going north on 24th

Nice steel high power pole knocked down here

Mandatory apartment damage, though the trailer park next door was almost untouched.

And repaired just as fast almost, now that's service. less than a day later!

Mandatory uprooted tree.

Sheet metal from the roofs of the buildings a quarter mile to the west.